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Hi! I’m Krystal, a 30-something year old dreamer, wife, mom to three wild littles, HR professional, and author who is igniting possibility and connecting community in all her work.

As a granddaughter to immigrants, I guess you can say being a dreamer was just part of my genetics! I was raised to believe I was unstoppable; quitting was never an option; and when someone tells you it can’t be done…prove them all wrong! 

Over the past few years (like many of us) I found myself lost in life. More often than not asking myself “is this really all there is to life?” “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” Somewhere along the way the constant need to justify who I am and seeking approval from society, that inner fire that burned so bright was dimmed. But why? What was wrong with me? I had it all… the PERFECT life I had always dreamed of.

I married the most amazing man, have the sweetest children, supportive family, a beautiful home and I am two time college graduate! Surely I was missing something…but what?! PURPOSE! I was missing my PURPOSE! 

After a year of self-reflection, I found that life’s purpose lies within each of us. You don’t need to prove anything! You don’t need to justify who you are; you don’t need to prove your intelligence or that you can handle it all. It’s ok to be unapologetically and authentically YOU! The good, the bad, the ugly…you are allowed to simply be…

As I live each and everyday from within, from my truest heart; as I inspire to ignite possibility and connect community in all I do, I challenge you to do the same. 

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